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“Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.” -Kahlil Gibran


Park of the mission of Hope & Love 4 Kids has always been to provide outreach and help youth build their self-esteem. So naturally, when HL4K Founder Mia Hendricks and her brand The R & R of a Fabulous Woman decided to write a book about Beautiful Women, we definitely wanted to be involved.

The book is about much more than the standard idea of beauty. We aren’t selling what every national magazine is selling on the newsstands; we are empowering and promoting everyday, beautiful women. We get to decide what beauty is, and that’s you! As a joint effort, we are launching so much more than just another self-esteem book. We are launching a project – a project that will long continue after the book has been published, read and sold and re-sold in garage sales. This project is here to stay and we are excited and ready to redefine what society believes is beautiful. How, you ask? With the “I Am Beautiful Project,” women will be able to define what real beauty is, and society will slowly lose their proverbial, narrow view of “beauty.” Not only will we feature beautiful women, we will tell their stories, what their definition of beauty is, and also let them show the world why they are beautiful.

However, if we are letting women decide what is beautiful to them, Hope & Love 4 Kids can’t select all the women for our project alone; we need your help! We will be accepting submissions from women of all ages to help us with our project from many different outlets: through The R & R of a Fabulous Woman Twitter and Facebook, the Hope & Love 4 Kids Twitter and Facebook and simply our email addresses. You can nominate yourself or other beautiful women. There is one thing to keep in mind – don’t make the media’s/society’s mistake of what is beautiful, create your own definition. We will be using public input on who is ultimately published in our book. Besides a book of beautiful women, there will be multiple facets to this project, so keep up with our progress on all of our social media sites.

For more details on who will be featured and more, visit:

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